Duth Apple Pie $18.99

Made with Georgia apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and lots of love

Cherry Crumb Pie $18.99

A crunchy, sugary top, mouthwatering & delicious

Pumpkin Pie$10.99

Fresh pumpkin makes this pie our son’s favorite

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie $18.99

Layers of fudge and peanut butter mousse, yummy!

Pecan $17.99

A classic made with Georgia pecan halves

Peach Custard Crumb Pie $18.99

A creamy custard topped with sweet peaches

Annie’s Something Special $17.99

Pecans, bourbon, chocolate and coconut… WOW!

Brownie Pie $18.99

Rich chocolate, nuts, and cheese cake


Cannoli (Small) $1.50/each

Spiral Glazed Hams $69.99

Whole Smoked Turkey $59.99

Coffee Cakes

Stuffed with our signature cream cheese filling.

Apple Cheese $10.99

Blueberry Cheese $10.99

Cherry Cheese $10.99

Pumpkin Cheese Loaf $10.99

Cranberry Cheese Loaf $10.99

Signature Sides

Our Famous Dinner Rolls $8.99

12 fluffy, yummy rolls

Scallop Potatoes $11.99

(Serves 4)

Candied Sweet Potatoes $11.99

(Serves 6)

Green Beans with Bacon $10.99

(Serves 6)

Macaroni & Cheese $11.99

(Serves 6)