Welcome to Hoboken Bread and Bagel Company

When our customers step into Hoboken it may seem like every one of them is on a first name basis with George and Anne, the husband and wife couple that owns and operates the Deli and Bagel shop.

You may be surprised to find, however, that many of those warmly greeted are actually trying the biggest sandwiches and tastiest treats for the first time. Friendly welcomes are the way of Hoboken and when you come in, you’ll understand what it’s all about.

There’s much to choose from… delicious bagel sandwiches, hearty meat filled subs, hot pastrami, soups and salads, or just one of the tasty pastries that Anne bakes up. Either way, you’ll enjoy what we here have to offer.

Don’t forget that we also do catering. We serve to companies of all sizes so feel free to call us up and have George or Anne plan your event today. Check out our menus here. You can call in an order or just fax it to us.